Relief from symptoms of eczema

Treat your skin with Dexem

How can eczema be treated?

Because there is no known cure for eczema, the key is to control the symptoms in order to prevent and minimise flare-ups.The skin should be kept well-moisturised using an emollient specially formulated for eczema.


The most common form of eczema treatment is topical corticosteroids. They are very effective in reducing inflammation and itchiness, however they are not recommended for long-term use.


Dexem Repair offers a steroid-free alternative suitable for infants and children. It is specifically formulated to provide ongoing relief from the itch and redness.


Choose from the Dexem Repair range a specifically developed formulation for different areas of the body:

Eczema  Cream 30g/60g: Designed to treat small areas of the skin, such as the hands and face. Clinically proven to reduce the itch and redness.


Eczema Scalp Lotion 100mL: Non-greasy lotion developed to relieve irritations of the scalp.


Keep in mind that eczema can be stubborn. If the signs and symptoms persist, be sure to tell your doctor.


Start today treating your eczema and skin irritations with Dexem Cream or Scalp lotion.