Treats symptoms of Eczema   

Clinically proven to relieve the itch and redness of eczema
Designed to treat small areas of the skin

Dexem Cream – for eczema and skin irritation

Dexem Cream targets the symptoms of eczema and other forms of irritated skin, such as itchy, red, dry or damaged skin. This steroid-free cream moisturises and calms the skin while providing protection from bacteria.


The cream has been clinically tested by 6 independent dermatological centres and proven to provide relief from the itch and irritation of eczema.


The cream is designed to treat small areas of affected skin, such as the hands and face. It is suitable for infants and children and comes in 30g and 60g tubes.


Dexem Repair contains the unique active ingredient 2QR Bio-Active complex that blocks bacteria from attacking the skin. Derived from natural Aloe leaves, 2QR binds to harmful bacteria and neutralises them before they can attach to the skin. This allows the skin to recover naturally without the constant stress from external factors (watch 2QR video).


Dexem Cream is a medical device - Read the leaflet carefully before using the product.

Say Goodbye to irritated skin.