Effective against the Symptoms of Eczema

Relief from itch and irritated skin - steroid-free
Non-greasy lotion for irritations of the scalp

How Dexem works

Dexem Repair is steroid-free and formulated specifically for eczema to provide ongoing relief from the itch and redness. It fights eczema in 3 ways:



1) Builds a barrier to block bacteria


Dexem Repair contains the unique active ingredient 2QR Bio-Active complex that blocks harmful bacteria from attacking the skin (watch 2QR video).


There are far more bacteria in and on our body than our own cells. Because of the damaged skin barrier found in eczema sufferers, the bad bacteria (also called pathogens) can easily attach to the skin and cause infection. Derived from natural Aloe leaves, 2QR binds to harmful bacteria and neutralises them before they can attach to the skin. This allows the skin to recover naturally without the constant stress from external factors.


2) Maintains healthy pH level of the skin


It is known that people with eczema have a higher pH of the skin than others. This further increases the chance of an infection and bacterial growth.


Dexem Repair helps restore skin's normal pH, which provides protection from bacteria.


3) Conditions the skin


Dexem Repair contains ingredients that moisturise the skin and help build a barrier to relieve eczema symptoms.